​White Wine Lovers Release Radar

We haven’t been able to release all of our wines the way we typically do--thanks COVID--, but I wanted to fill you in on what has and will be released.Our first new White release of the year was during the Quarantine-Style Spring Release in May. We decided, at the last... Continued »

Wine Spotlight - Sangria No. 6

I am writing this only about an hour after we finished bottling this year’s Sangria. We have been a bit behind because of COVID and quarantine, but finally we were able to get this wine in the bottle so we could get it out to you as soon as possible!This... Continued »

Meet the Team - Natalie Conway-Barnes

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, we aren’t strangers anymore. For those that are new to the Latah Creek family, I thought I would give a little bit more of my background so we can get to know each other better! I was raised among wine barrels... Continued »

Meet the Team - Ellena Conway

Continuing our “Meet the Team” blog series, there’s no better time to introduce my mom than her birthday month! This July, we’ll celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. If you don’t know her, keep reading!My mom, Ellena Conway, helped open Latah Creek with my dad, Mike, in 1982. The opening of... Continued »

Summer Wines I Love

Sangria Our Sangria is a luscious blend of a velvety smooth Merlot, huckleberry juice and huckleberry concentrate. One of my favorite things to do when I have people over is to serve this in a large pitcher (more than one bottle as it goes quickly!!), with frozen berries in it... Continued »

Meet the Team - Mike Conway

As things begin to reopen and people feel comfortable going out--and ultimately coming to visit us at Latah Creek--I thought it would be fun to introduce some of our team members for those that are new in our community.There’s no better way to introduce the team than to start by... Continued »

Filtered vs. Unfiltered Wine: What’s the Difference?

Wine is subject to trends and techniques. The trend of unfiltered wine is blowing up in the wine industry right now, although it's not anything new. Unfiltered wine is natural, authentic, maybe even healthy. So, what’s the difference between filtered and filtered wine? First it's important to understand what goes... Continued »

My Guide on Decanting Wine

When it comes to a new bottle of wine, there is one important step between uncorking and drinking--decanting. I am always torn between decanting and not decanting. I love pouring wine in my glass, swirling it before each sip, and tasting the wine as it changes over the course of... Continued »