14 Interesting Facts For Every Wine Connoisseur

Wine is a sophisticated drink that takes years to produce and perfect. This centuries-old tradition packs history and lessons to be learned in every bottle. If you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur like me, here are 14 interesting facts about wine you should know: The sweetness of wine is... Continued »

What Does Full-Bodied Mean?

You’ll often hear people say or use the phrase, “full-bodied” to describe wine. While some people think that full-bodied is in reference to red wines, you can actually use the phrase to describe both red and white wines. It’s one of three types of body descriptors where light and... Continued »

10 Wine Jokes That Will Reduce Stress for Back To School Season

It’s that time again--back to school season. While some moms are excited for their kids to go back to school and having some “me-time” during the day, others are already feeling overwhelmed and stressed that comes with crazy back-to-school schedules, especially with the addition of COVID. As a winemaker and... Continued »

8 Wine Descriptions and What They Mean

It’s really tough to buy wine when you don’t know how it will taste. When you’re choosing a wine either in the store or at a restaurant, you’re left with a wine description to base your decision on. The description provides an idea of what the wine will taste like... Continued »

Top 3 places to pick huckleberries near Spokane

If you’re not originally from the Pacific Northwest, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to huckleberries. I’ll admit, our region is obsessed with the small blueberry-looking wild berries. At the very least, the Inland Northwest is famously known for huckleberries and it’s prime... Continued »

3 Best Summer Wines

Sangria Our Sangria is a luscious blend of a velvety smooth Merlot, huckleberry juice and huckleberry concentrate. One of my favorite things to do when I have people over is to serve this in a large pitcher (more than one bottle as it goes quickly!!), with frozen berries in it... Continued »

Top 6 Salads From My Moms Favorite Recipes

I don't know about you but, during the summer, my eating habits change. I'll often go for a lighter meal than something heavy as the heat can really take away my appetite. When this happens my cravings go straight to salads! I've compiled a list of my mom's favorite salad... Continued »

July Wine of the Month

The month of July began with a heatwave in Spokane and the surrounding region. This heat has broken records in Spokane, Washington so, we’re bringing you our most refreshing wine just in time. Huckleberry d’Latah is not just our #1 selling wine, it’s also our best batch ever.There is often... Continued »